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Air hockey and table football games

Air Hockey & Football

An air hockey or table football game makes for another great addition to your games room, or for your customers to enjoy in your pub, club or arcade. Buy an air hockey table or table football game from us here at PSL and let the competition commence!

Recreational and coin-op tables available

We can supply you with tables that are suitable for home gaming, as well as tables for commercial use. This includes both low-cost lightweight tables and coin-operated tables for pubs and arcades.


Our range includes both SAM Fast Track air hockey tables, and Mighty Mast table football games.

Replacement accessories

If you've lost one (or both) of the paddles to your air hockey table or you're running short of pucks, then call us and we'll be able to supply you with replacements. Likewise, it would be hard to play table football without a ball, so we supply those too.

Air Hockey & football tables repaired

Not only do we supply air hockey tables and table football games, we refurbish and repair them too. So if your air hockey table isn't quite blowing as it should or your star centre forward is missing a leg, bring your game to us and we'll make the necessary repairs.

PSL provides quality air hock and football machines. Serving Poole, Dorset and Bournemouth


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