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Casino tables, roulette and other accessories

Casino & Accessories

If you need anything for your home family room, your pub or club's leisure machines, or anything for your amusement arcade, then it's more than likely we're able to supply it. Just call us on 0800 587 4879 and we'll do the best we can to supply what you need.

Full range of casino supplies and arcade accessories

Casino tables, bar room lighting, sets of snooker balls or pool balls, snooker or pool cues, billiard chalk, snooker scoreboards, poker sets, dice, playing cards, chips ... if you want it we can probably supply it.


All you need to do to receive information on how we are able to help you is to give us a call.

Suppliers of arcade accessories

We have over 30 years of 'hands on' experience, and have been providing the very services you are looking for to countless individuals and businesses in all that time. Feel free to pop into our showroom in Poole to see what we can provide for you.

Same day deliveries 7 days a week

We're here when it's convenient for you. We offer you the highest levels of personal same-day service, seven days a week. We're even open on bank holidays. Just give us a call and explain what it is you're looking for, and we'll see what we can do to help.

PSL provides a huge range of casino machines and accessories. Serving Poole, Dorset and Bournemouth


0800 587 4879