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Jukeboxes in a variety of styles


A jukebox is a superb and fun way of supplying serenading your family with your favourite music, or allowing your customers to select their favourite sounds from those that your jukebox offers. We always have an extensive range of jukeboxes available for you choose from.

Jukeboxes for home and business

We can supply you with traditional, free-standing jukeboxes that look as if they've just popped out of a time machine from the 1950s, or more modern, wall-mounted machines with all the latest sounds.


If you just want to hire out a jukebox for a single, special event, then we can easily sort that out for you.

Lots of jukeboxes to choose from

Our extensive range of jukeboxes is always on display at our showroom in Poole. We are open 7 days a week to both trade and the public, so feel free to pop along whenever you want and browse through our amazing jukebox range.

Jukebox repairs and refurbishments

As well as supplying jukeboxes, we can repair and refurbish them. You can either bring your faulty jukebox to us for our expert technicians to look over, or we will come to you for our on-site service for a call-out fee. We'll soon get the music flowing again.

Quality new and refurbished jukeboxes from PSL. Serving Poole, Dorset and Bournemouth


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