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A selection of different pool and snooker tables

Pool and Snooker Tables

We can supply you with a wide range of pool and snooker tables plus accessories - from recreational tables to full professional standard. If you're looking for a pool or snooker table for your games room, your pub or club, or your pool or snooker hall, then give us a call.

What size tables are available?

Our pool tables start at 5 feet in length, and go up to 9 feet. Our snooker tables also start from 5 feet in length and go up to full size - the type of table you'll see Ronnie O'Sullivan and Mark Selby playing on.


We can supply you with tables that are antique, brand new or ones that have been recently refurbished.

Pool and snooker table supplies

We can supply all our tables with cues and rests, and our snooker tables can be supplied with a full set of snooker balls. With our pool tables you can choose between American-style balls (spots and stripes) or English-style (reds and yellows).

Free deliveries within 20 miles of us

We can give your table a little personal appeal with a number of finishes and cloths that we can make to order. As long as you live within 20 miles of our warehouse we will deliver and set up your table for you, absolutely free of charge.

PSL provides quality pool and snooker equipment. Serving Poole, Dorset and Bournemouth


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